World On Fire

by Luang Por Munindo on November 27, 2022

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(keywords) (slightly edited version) Dhammapada 146, Shrouded, unawareness, open-hearted awareness, spirit and form, bowing, apocryphal, Visakha, 500 students, drunk, psychic powers, stream-enterers, news podcast, G20, Bali, beer, inner fires, greed, hatred, delusion, adittapariyaya sutta, suicide, honesty, indulging and denying, middle way, overly harsh, accuracy, ruckus, sadness, self-doubt, blaming, smoke, hard work, precarious, deepest aspirations, malignant melanomas, mara, Dhammapada verse 85, preparation, patience, gentleness, forgiveness, 4 divine abidings, storehouse of goodness, strengthening the heart, feeble, Nibbana, awakening, selfless caring, empathy in the context of suffering, empathy in the context of joy, equanimity, chanting, breathing exercises, physical exercises, rock climbing, friends.