The Saying No Practice

by Luang Por Munindo on June 23, 2024

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(keywords) (slightly edited version) Virtues, transformation, helpful, spiritual muscle, energy management, habits, boundaries, vulnerable, nekkhamma parami, wilfulness, chocolate, forms, spirit, looking at your phone, addicted, focussing on the form, renunciation, sense of self, my way, squabbles, communities of selves, the Buddha, selflessness, sugar, pleasure, diabetes, obese, food manufacturers, fat and salt, indriya samvara, intentional inhibition, open-hearted awareness, ‘I want’, fully own, dopamine hit, backlog, dana, sila, nekkhamma, the burden of deluded personality, integrity, wholesome intention, Ven. Ananda, freedom from remorse, bowing, arrogant, materialists, making offerings to the sangha, reading Dhamma, pointing, more lightly.