‘New and Improved’ or ‘Tried and Tested’

by Luang Por Munindo on August 21, 2022

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(keywords) (slightly edited version) Luang Por Sucitto, balance, wordsmith, progress, more is merrier, telephone system, Chithurst Monastery, supportive beams, sledge hammer, bow, acrow props, Victorians, cross beams, youth, technology, disruption, Silicon Valley, patterns, energy release, functional disruption, sauna, chantagara, hierarchy, ‘whatever’, ordination, tears, containment, wailing, energy, chaos, indriyasamvara, conscious composure, skilful restraint, integrity, sila, self respect, sati, mindfulness, wise reflection, Ven. Myokyo-Ni, carbon dust, diamonds, 3 poisons, greed, wanting, wholesome desires, craving, Refuge in the Buddha, faith in ‘selfless, just-knowing awareness’, chocolate, controlling, brother’s toys, backlog, denied desire, alienated, guilty, unmet life, hatred, open blue sky, clouds, possessed by self-hated, self disparagement, ‘I am amazing’, creative, see delusion as delusion, spiritual companions, positive and negative inflation, the blessing of spiritual community, warped awareness, healing.