How to Contemplate

by Luang Por Munindo on January 17, 2022

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(keywords) (approx. 42 mins. - slightly edited version) Ajahn Chah passing away, ‘What Is Contemplation’, Rahula, mirror, wise reflection, citta, craft, proliferation, feeling enquiry, (1), goal, liberation, Dhammapada 154, unconditioned, unmade, imperturbable, griefless, dustless, secure, (2), wisdom and compassion, (3) Three Refuges, sustaining, safe haven, clear seeing, precipitated, actuality, (4) handful of leaves, Four Noble Truths, avijja, boredom, right effort, yabber, (5) five spiritual faculties, freedom from remorse, (6) six senses, (7) seven factors of awakening, stable trajectory, goodies, inner work, (8) Bhikkhuni Mahapajapati, gym, violin, fruit tree, compulsive judging, selfism, hatred, hell, bullying, speaking with your own heart, competence.