Concord or Conflict

by Luang Por Munindo on July 24, 2022

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(keywords) (slightly edited version) Modes of listening to Dhamma, Discourse of Profound Auspiciousness, Mahamangala Sutta, Dhammasavana, critique, information, lectures, indoctrinated, Dhammasakaccha, a shared Dhamma inquiry, Rains Retreat, forgiveness, clear the slate, lurking, habouring resentment, 1975, Ajahn Thate, Wat Hin Mak Peng, Luang Por Kaaw, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Pathet Lao, Khmer Rouge, Viet cong, concord, cooperation, evolution of species, Ajahn Chah, attachment to views, right view, harbinger, samma ditthi, right beliefs, samma sankappa, right aspiration, right activation, identity politics, Christian monk, hiking, swimming, rip current, deep breathing, surrender, ‘let the Buddha take over’, affirmation, configuring individual identity, ‘oneself rightly aligned’, anatta, selflessness, identity as a multidimensional phenomenon, haka, role of religion, Going For Refuge, self promoting, self referencing, wound on the forehead, Dhammapada 348.