FULL MOON – Right Aspiration

Published Monday, 27 November 2023

All pollutions are removed
from the minds of those
who vigilantly train themselves,
both day and night,
and who have Awakening as their goal.
Dhammapada v. 226
This Dhammapada verse reminds us that if we want to live with a quality of awareness that is not polluted, we need vigilance. The verse also tells us that it matters whether or not we have a goal in life. Without a goal, our attention is easily dissipated. We have everyday goals such as remembering to maintain an exercise routine, and to stop eating too much sugar. If we are wise, we will also have a lifetime goal. It might help if we regularly resolve, ‘For the rest of this life, and all future lives, may I continue to grow in understanding and practice of the teachings of the Buddha.’

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