FULL MOON – Real Benefit

Published Sunday, 29 October 2023

It is easy to do that which
is of no real benefit to oneself,
but it is difficult indeed to do that
which is truly beneficial and good.
Dhammapada v. 163
On one level of awareness, the challenge of facing a particularly difficult task could feel like it is more than we can handle. If, however, we view awareness as a multidimensional reality, then, at the same time as a task appears to be too much, on another level we might recognize that facing that challenge is exactly what we need to be doing. Viewing awareness as similar to the ocean that can be tumultuous on the surface and, at the same time, still in its depths, can help us dare to stop believing in the story we have been telling ourselves that we are inherently limited – that we are stuck with the habits we have. True goodness can arise out of facing that which appears to be too much. Not heroically or heedlessly, rather with humility, with resolve, and with a wish to generate benefit for oneself and others.

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