FULL MOON – A Refreshed Commitment

Published Sunday, 15 May 2022

Let the dread of endless mediocrity spur you into great effort,
like a well-trained horse encouraged by the mere touch of the whip.
Relinquish the burden of endless struggle with unapologetic confidence,
with purity of action, effort, concentration,
and by conscious and disciplined commitment to the path.

Dhammapada v.144

The tedium of life’s struggles can sometimes drag us down. That same tedium can also spur us on to increase the effort we make as we walk the path. On this Vesakha Puja day, when we reflect on the good fortune of having heard the Buddha’s teachings, let’s all refresh our commitment to use whatever difficulties we encounter, in constructive and creative ways. Without conscious commitment, the Buddha-to-be would never have Awakened. The wisdom he realized wasn’t found in a book or borrowed from anyone else. That wisdom was inspired by a compassionate wish to benefit all beings and a resolve to see beyond the surface level of life’s struggles.

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